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Northrend is a realm with base classes concept where players learn their base class talents and spells the normal way, with each base class having some special talents, spells and forms and ClassLess UI allows you to learn other classes stuff on top of your own. Focus is on custom content, systems such as War Over, Random bonus stats on gears and weapons and random Chants, custom commands and ofc the Progression.


Customized: instances, zones, custom mobs, scripted bosses, ClassLess UI & Normal Talents tab, quests, questchains, systems, calculations, spells, talents, leveling experience (find out more in Progression Guide ) , companions, mounts, items and more.


CONTENT: War Over vanilla teleporting, Solo Dungeon Finder, Custom Instant lvl 42 RFC (lvl 15+) with tokens farming in 3 customized dungeons, Reforged Summoning content (summon your party members with this spell using custom tokens farmable in customized Gnomeregan), custom Zul'farrak with Cataclysm item sets,  Maraudon, BlackRock Depths, BlackRock Spire with Cataclysm Gear sets and Weapons, Stratholme, Zul'Gurub, Vanilla PVP Bloody Money gears at .t duel, Molten Core, Thunderfury & Sulfuras custom content, custom Blackwing Lair with Glyphs, Huge Shifting Sands Questline & content, Ashbringer & Atiesh custom Questlines, Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, custom Temple of Ahn'Qiraj, Opening of the Dark Portal Custom event and more in Outlands..

Note: All dungeons, Raids and Zones mentioned here are Customized or fully custom.


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at Ossirian remember to use Gameobjects which spawn while fighting him to remove his 300% DMG buff

Tons of custom content which unlocks more game content and without clearing it and gaining achievements in proper order you will not be able to progress through the game.

Hunter pets for All

 On Northrend All base classes can use Hunter pets.

Death Knights have their Undead. The Ghoul pet is rescripted and buffed including his abilities.

Shamans have custom elementals and are pretty much the summoner class due to being able to have 4 pets active at same time. The  HP  Armor and DMG of Shamans summons are recoded to scale from his stats. See more info in our Discord

Warlocks have their Demons which are also their Base class Perk. Demons Spells and Talents as well as Warlock talents which affect them are customized and buffed. Demons scaling calculations are recoded.

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