Rise of ShadowMourne
ShadowMourne has been Updated with over 32 700 new items from cata/mop/wod and Legion artifacts models,
Dozens of Mounts up to Legion 7.1.5 and around 100 creature models, thousands of new icons and more

Remember to Download ShadowMourne Patches and use ReforgeCraft.exe for the game to work properly, delete any old or other custom patches.

Every level you get Points to use on any spell/talent or Stats you want from any class!
Rate.XP.Quest = 4
World Boss for Custom Heirlooms - Fallen Cenarius - LvL super fast

Free Base Class Spells! Build on top of your Class
Players can have all 3 talent trees + any from classless interface
Free for All! Use all items and do both factions quests, War is Over!

Free mounts, Artisan riding and some items on new character
Start at lvl 50 at custom area with Vendors and other custom NPCs
Personal Teleporter takes you to important places

4VIP ranks with more buffs and access for each
Nice .commands like .app and ve + VIP and GW commands too
Instant and open Flight paths
Morpher, Transmog, GenderBender and Bounty Hunter added
chat by typing just once #chat on
Guild Wars system activated!
World Bosses and custom quests

Players with end-game gear have atm close to 2 million hp and deal millions of dmg and dozens of millions
All Instances soloable except Heroic 25 ICC and some End-game custom ones

VIP mall and Teleporter
Posted By Marko. Date: May 24, 2017
Rise of NorthRend
New realm NorthRend is up and running!
Here Players and items are not buffed except:
ClassLess System + all 3 talent trees from base class
Any race/class combo
Free for All - Use all Items
No Bind on Pickup, just BOE
War is Over! Do both Factions Quests
Teleport and other useful .commands
same small 53kb patch like on ShadowMourne realm:


In Northrend realm your skills will be more challenged as doing raids is not so easy anymore
Posted By Marko. Date: March 17, 2017
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Set Realmlist reforgecraft.com
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[05-27, 7:19] MARKO: Was some issue with missing inbox page on this new website, created it now and also message, new message. Won't give error now.
[05-26, 3:05] Abet: why i cant spend my vp?
[05-25, 1:17] MARKO: https://discordapp.com/invite/eMzuTwG
[05-25, 12:15] MARKO: Reforged entire Website :) Visit us on Discord too
[01-06, 7:27] MARKO: Increased max main professions to 11
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