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March 17, 2017 - Rise of NorthrendPosted by : Marko

New realm Northrend is up and running!
Here Players and items are not buffed except:
ClassLess System + all 3 talent trees from base class
Any race/class combo
Teleport and other useful .commands
same small 53kb patch like on ShadowMourne realm:!QIlgAKTD!W0ASbd20GysEfyKT5WUt0H7sLpP2EoJWHB4HnG5Y5r0

In Northrend realm your skills will be more challenged as doing raids is not so easy anymore

January 19, 2017 - New Realm ShadowMournePosted by : Marko

Updated! Now you can create any class as base and still use Classless System to build on top of it!
Latest Update 14.03.2017: Download new patch from below and delete old patch C, Now you can create any Race/Class combo like undead paladin, BloodElf shamman etc.

For WOTLK fans have created a new custom realm: ShadowMourne 3.3.5a ClassLess
All item & Gold drop rates x 4
Rate.XP.Kill = 1
Rate.XP.Quest = 4
LvL Cap = 80
Class Spells for Gold!
Teleporter to all places
.buff command to help you out
x4 all Item stats!
All items can be used by any race/faction!
Instant and open Flight paths
Visual Enchants = type ve
Morpher, Transmog, GenderBender and Bounty Hunter added
Don't forget to change your realmlist to
this patch has just 53kb! all you need to play on ShadowMourne is in this small patch:

Patch updated on 14.03.2017!QIlgAKTD!W0ASbd20GysEfyKT5WUt0H7sLpP2EoJWHB4HnG5Y5r0

Guild Wars system Activated!
Guild Master can purchase lands and claim them as his own by building farms, halls, barracks, buying pigs, Guards, Cannons, 3 types of Vendors, guild vaults, mailboxes and even sell anything he wants.
Guild settings can be changed with commands so all members of guild can do different things.
Factions can attack each others lands and even same factions, different Guilds to claim all structures and resources as their own. This system uses Guild Coins currency. Each Guild Coin is worth 50gold

January 15, 2017 - New Reforged Adventures!Posted by : Marko

FrostMourne Custom ClassLess Realm Patches have been Released! Download here:
Updated 01.15.2017 !
Download from Mega:!dZtGwQ7K!1T8OZQEcOPHeRoHfppVHuC5PI7Zk7EMO-jCcdSQtbIc
Download from MediaFire:
All you need is here, You can now remove all other patches!
Will be finishing the new aliens content soon.
Have remade entire server into instant lvl 80, mall is in Shattrath, added custom .buff buffs ,
changed starting place, edited thunderfury some more, changed starting items a little, added many custom models, mounts and some items to new patch :)
After achieving "Superior!" Go to UnderGround Demon in Dalaran and major towns which can teleport you to Molten Core to slay and loot Baron Geddon, Garr and Ragnaros. They have 100% drop loot for Thunderfury questline.
When you have slain and looted them, UnderGround Demon can teleport you all the way to HighLord Demitrian who will summon Prince Thunderaan for you to fight and as reward give you our Reforged Thunderfury!
Then proceed to Fallen Botanica and do all quests there and gear up, farm some Power of Berserker's and continue onward to Scepter of SHifting Sands Questline. The questgiver is at both MoltenCore place and Botanica.
This Questline is very long but gives some nice items and sends you all over the world. Here is some info in case u get lost on what to do next:
After you obtain The Scepter and finish em all quests, feel free to proceed to first part of Aliens content

.buff and .gsummon , .gappear , .ghelp commands added
All guild memebers get 1-2% of any gold they loot into guild bank
Skill rates x4 , max main professions 11
New Fallen Botanica content awards epic custom lvl85+ OP gear and items!

Scepter of Shifting Sands content awards customized lvl90 gear!