How to Play on Northrend

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How to Play on Northrend

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Connection Guide

Make an account on Main Website:

Navigate to the "World of Warcraft/Data/enUS/" file.
Open the file with Notepad or any text editor.
Delete everything and enter this: set realmlist

- Download our Patches here:
~~Northrend Realm Patch ~~ ---> Latest Patch R (updated 15.10.2021)

Large Patch I for all the Downported and Reforged Cata, MOP, WOD, Legion items

FrostMourne (realm not open yet, don't download)!4I0hwCrR!XViiW4s-eFjZf-H5VKu9eMKja53ePort_JNHCZ3tBCU

Put Patches inside your Data folder and make sure no other custom Patches there.

Put this ReforgeCraft.exe in wow folder!NF0VjY7L!fizz3H3h4CzsdLMNT3nfqOyvcD7qNhKyw3zz0KxTVgU

- Start the game using the ReforgeCraft.exe file in your WoW Folder , login with your username (not e-mail!) & password and play!

Check pinned messages on #general Discord channel for any slightly updated patch

Problems Connecting?

Make sure you're on the correct version of WoW (3.3.5a) before you try to connect to our server. You can get the latest patches here.
Need a client ? Get it Here ----> Download Wrath of the Lich King (old): From Warmane

If you have trouble connecting after you followed these directions, or if you get an error like "you have been disconnected from the server", then come to our Discord!

Set realmlist
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