How to Reset and Rebuild your Character

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How to Reset and Rebuild your Character

Unread post#1 » Sun Apr 04, 2021 4:15 pm

Do you spend a lot of time re-assigning your unlearned normal talents and learning your base class spells all over again?

No need to struggle so much!

Here are 3 little tips how you can save some time and effort when rebuilding your character on Northrend Realm:

1) Learn ALL Trainer Spells with 1 click

Copy paste this Macro and use it when you talk with your base class trainer:

Code: Select all

/run LoadAddOn"Blizzard_TrainerUI" f=ClassTrainerTrainButton f.e = 0 if f:GetScript"OnUpdate" then f:SetScript("OnUpdate", nil)else f:SetScript("OnUpdate", function(f,e) f.e=f.e+e if f.e>.01 then f.e=0 f:Click() end end)end

2) Save your base class talents on .resetc


Use Dual Specialization feature on your Base class trainer. 1 with your actual skillset, and buy the second one which you use when you want to reset your character. Then switch back to original so your main talents stay untouched.

3) Playing around to keep your Action Bars

There are two ways to do this, let's call them Method A and Method B.

Method A
It is a bit of work but if you often .resetc , it's rewarding. Just make a macro for your spells.
Your macros won't get deleted and will stay in the action bars.

Method B
If you don't wanna macro all spells, go into second specialization, reset your char, but make sure to:
Re-learn all base class and ClassLess UI spells before you switch back to main specialization.
This way spells will stay in your action bars.

and Remember to have some gold for re-learning your base class spells from trainer, as this is the cost of .resetc ;)

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